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Blazing Bean Roasters

Dark Roast/ Espresso 3 lb Subscription Bundle

Dark Roast/ Espresso 3 lb Subscription Bundle

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Some people like the dark side. "Luke, I am your coffee roaster".

With this bundle we send you 3 lbs per delivery of our darker roasted coffee. This could include single origins like Brazil, Colombian, Ethiopian or Sumatra or may include our Espresso Blends: Brown Velvet, Coda di Topo or Luna-Tic Espresso. The dark side can be so exciting! Choose for delivery on a monthly basis or every 8 weeks.

Decaf is not a part of our subscription program.

Our subscription bundles will be shipped on the 1 month anniversary of the day you sign up or every 8 weeks.  Please choose during check out. Shipping is included in the price of 3lb subscriptions.

Whole bean only.


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