Costa Rican Tarrazu Finca El Cedral - Natural process - Micro Lot

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Made with 100% arabica beans, Fair Trade

Notes of Orange, Peach, Red Apple, naturally sweet, above average body & bright- roasted medium

Available in 1 lb, 8oz, 12oz & 5 lb bags

Altitude: 1,800 - 2,000 m

Varietal:  Catura, Catuai


sun dried

Finca El Cedral is owned by Ismael Monge Garbanzo, a third-generation coffee producer who also owns the El Boyerito farm. 2017/2018 was El Cedral’s first producing year, but Ismael has been in the coffee industry since he inherited Finca El Boyerito. The original farm was purchased in the 1950’s by Ismael’s grandfather, don Adan Monge, who named it after the town in which it’s located. This coffee is delivered to the ASOPROAAA cooperative, which consists of over 1,200 coffee-producing families in the areas of Acosta, Jorco, and Plamichal.